Etiquette Classes

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ALL final dinners will be held the last weekend of the month.

College and Adult classes are by appointment only. 



This program is an introduction to etiquette.  The program focuses on manners and basic social skills. The importance and relevance of doing things a certain way and the develop an understanding of why manners matter.


Introduction- Why Manners Matter

        • First Impressions – Making Introductions
        • Appropriate table conversation
        • Thank You Notes and why it matters
        • Dining Etiquette
        • -Dynamics of the Table
          -Proper handling of Silverware
          -Rules of the table

Middle School

This program focuses on how to be polite.  It stresses the choices and skills necessary to be effective in certain situations.  We discuss how to speak to adults and be respectful, in this program.  We introduce traditional skills and good practices.  (Ex. Cell phone, texting)

  • First Impressions – Making Introductions
  • Social Skills for Different Environments
  • How to be a Good Guest
  • Appropriate Communication
    o Thank You Notes
    o Cell Phones
    o Bullying
    o Social Media
  • Dining Etiquette
    o American and European Dining
    o The Dynamics of the Table
    o 4 and 5 Course Meal Settings

High School

This program allows students to identify proper and improper behaviors that stimulate their cognitive skills. Being polite, respectful, and pleasant is essential in all social and professional situations. Thus, it is never too late to teach good manners to our High School students. After all, they are still children; and need guidance to prosper in life. Students who demonstrate basic etiquette, social skills, show respect and consideration for others, create a more positive impression in the eyes of their peers and adults in their lives.

Etiquette is all human social behavior. If you’re a hermit on a mountain, you don’t have to worry about etiquette; if somebody comes up the mountain, then you’ve got a problem. It matters because we want to live in reasonably harmonious communities. – Judith Martin


  • Proper Introductions and First Impressions.
  • Appropriate Communication and Thank You Notes.
  • Cell Phones, Texting, Social Media, and Dating.
  • The Importance of Good Choices.
  • Interviewing
  • Pre-interviewing Homework
  • Appropriate dressing
  • The Dynamics of the Table
  • 4 &5 Course Settings

College / Adult

This Program focuses on preparing individuals for the business world. It includes topics such as business meals, interviewing skills, dressing for success, and table manners. Having these skills are essential to your professional success.

Corporations are taking a more creative route while searching for and vetting candidates. In many instances, employers favor candidates who display proper interaction and etiquette. That could be the deciding factor in getting a job offer.  Often times, little details lead to big opportunities. You want people to focus on what you bring to the table and not what you are doing at the table.

  • First Impressions – Making Introductions
  • Appropriate Communication and Thank you notes
  • Cell Phones, Texting, Social Media and Dating
  • Making Good Decision
  • 1 Minute Elevator Speech
  • Interviewing for College and Jobs
    – Dressing for success
    – Interviewing Do’s and Don’t
    – Following Up and Follow Through
  • Dining Etiquette
    – American and European Dining
    – The Dynamics of the Table

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