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Fort Worth Elite Youth Etiquette

Elite Youth Etiquette

1st - 5th Grade

Five Lesson and Formal Dinner

  • The Knife
  • The Fork
  • The spoon
  • Telephone Skills & Thank You notes
  • Five Course Dining
  • Review and overall discussion with parents.
This is a 5 week beginners Etiquette Certification Course. The children will learn how to navigate through a five course meal with confidence and poise. Each week the student meet for one hour and are taught a new course of dining. The skills learned prepare each student for the four course dining experience at the finish of the 5 week sessions. The four course meal will be held at a TRULUCK’S Restaurant Southlake. Students are required to dress to impress for this special occasion. Student will be awarded their certificate of profiency in Dining Etiquette.

In each class, food is served with the exception of the last class.

Payment is due 1 week prior to the beginning of the session. Daily summer classes are open for 1st-5th and 6th-8th grade. Each class is limited to 10 students per class for 5 weeks.

Fort Worth Elite Middle School Etiquette

Elite Middle School Etiquette

6th - 8th Grade

Girls Only

  • Introduction
  • Posture
  • Dining
  • Set your place at the Table
  • Respect and Courtesy
  • Review and Discussion
  • Thank You Notes
  • Communication
Boys Only

  • Introduction / New Situations
  • General Social
  • Dining Skills
  • Set your place at the table
  • Table Etiquette
  • Dining Skills
  • Thank -you notes / RSVP
  • Four Course Dinner

This group is designed for our more mature teenage boys/girls. The focus of this class is Dining and Social Etiquette. This class meets weekly.

Payment is due 1 week prior to the beginning of the first session. Each class is limited to 10 students.

Cost $250 (Meal included)

Invoice will be emailed for Credit Card Payment

Fort Worth Elite High School Etiquette

Elite High School Etiquette

9th - 12th Grade

These courses will help increase students confidence in their ability to handle demanding situation. Self-introduction, Communication guideline, General Social Skills, Clothing class, Job interview techniques, Dining skills. What do I find attractive/dating? At the finish of the lessons, we conclude with a four course meal served at the elegant Truluck’s Restaurant.

What we cover

  • Self- Introduction- Presenting Yourself in Person, Over the telephone, Email or Social
  • Build Confidence and Ability to handle Demanding Situations
  • Introduction- Shaking hands with confidence, Importance of making eye contact and
    Body Language
  • When to stand/ Where to walk
  • Appropriate Behavior at Social Events, Seating, Escorting, Opening Doors
  • Dining Etiquette – learn two types of dining American and Continental Style
  • Table Manners How to correctly eat different types of food and what to do with
    unwanted food
  • Interviewing Skills- Interview Questions, During the interview, One Minute Speech
  • Phone Courtesy- Text Messaging when its appropriate and when it is not
  • Netiquette- Social Media Etiquette and Rules for social networking
  • Rules to dress by- Develop student awareness of the importance of clothing in various
  • Thank you notes- When is it warranted and what is the correct format
  • Four Course Dining Experience at TRULUCK’S Restaurant Southlake
Cost: $250

One hour class session 8 weeks. Payment are due 1 week prior to beginning of class. Our classes can be customized to fit the need of small groups such as schools, Church, and various Organization.

Invoice will be emailed for credit card payments

Fort Worth College Students and Adults

College Students and Adults

By appointment only 2hr. minimum $45 per Hrs

New Classes for Adults, we are pleased to announce that due to an overwhelming demand, Fort Worth School of Etiquette will be offering dining classes only for college and adults. We welcome small groups not to exceed 10 people. These classes are held by appointment and availability. Our classes are a minimum of 2 hours, hands-on experience and very entertaining. It’s with great pride and honor that we have the opportunity to educate not only children but adults as well. Cost is $45 per hr. Minimum of 2 hours meal is not included in cost.